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Turkey with a total of 84M and Spain with it’s 47M population has a great history of collaboration. Historically, Turkish-Spanish relations began with the signing of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce in 1782.Currently Turkey export a total of $767.97M goods to Spain while When it comes to exports, Spain is Turkey’s 7th biggest export recipient according to TurkStat. Turkish exports to Spain have been on a rising trend in the past 10 years.23 This is not only true in terms of absolute value but also for their share of total Turkish exports. On the other hand, Spain is Turkey’s 11th largest importer. Spanish imports to Turkey have seen a greater fluctuation than exports from Turkey to Spain.

We aim to foster this relation not only in import / export but in all industries and service sectors by getting both Turkish and SPanish business owners under one roof, under our association, Köprü.




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Yolanda de Castro Clements

General Secretary

Yolanda de Castro Clements

General Secretary
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We have founded Kopru to foster relation between Turkey and Spain while meeting both Turkish and Spanish businessmen and women under the same roof to create partnerships, employment and better relations between the both sides. We aim to help bright minds in Turkey get better chance in employment, help build their professional by taking place in Spanish companies.

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Turkey - Spain Relations

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There are many ways of helping foster relations while helping both countries. We are a various group of professionals from different verticals bringing our best together for a great cause.

20 billion,$

Bilateral Trade

Top economy officials of Turkey and Spain on Thursday agreed to enhance bilateral trade to $20 billion (TL 136 billion) from the current $12.6 billion in 2020.


Spanish Companies

775 Spanish companies have already made direct investments in Turkey worth approximately $10.68 billion. In this respect, Spain ranks seventh among the countries that make foreign direct investments in Turkey.


Spanish Export

In 2020, Spain exported $5.17B to Turkey. The main products that Spain exported to Turkey are Cars ($1.05B), Raw Zinc ($312M), and Vehicle Parts ($203M). During the last 25 years the exports of Spain to Turkey have increased at an annualized rate of 8.29%.

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Everyone can find useful information on Aly Sterling’s blog no matter if they’re wanting to

Everyone can find useful information on Aly Sterling’s blog no matter if they’re wanting to


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Özgür Özdemircili

We should remember who we were and help those who are in the same path


Yolanda de Castro Clements

We have a chance to help the future of talent grow, together, hand to hand

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